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Charlottesville Community Celebrates One Full Year Without A Gun Homicide.

Cheers to a year! Peace In The Streets was formed a year ago in hopes to reduce Charlottesville’s gun homicides, which spiked in 2020.

A year later, Charlottesville hasn’t recorded a single gun-related homicide. Peace In The Streets ultimate goal has always been to save lives rather than receive credit, which is why they widely recognize and commend all non-violent orgs and community partners that have also helped in implementing change.

During 2021, Peace In The Streets held community events at local parks to help raise gun-violence awareness. In addition to their community events, they also provided ‘Peace Circles’ to city residents to assist with finding jobs, useful resources, and daily motivation.

While reaching it’s one-year milestone, PITS plan to continue treating each day like it’s day one. Expect more community events, more ‘Peace Circles’, and hopefully more milestones being reached.

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